Hi all.

In the last eighteen months, I have been proofreading and copyediting the business emails and letters of an ESL client. Not only is this proving to be hugely rewarding work (I love being helpful) but it’s a service I am keen to extend to a wider audience. If you, or anybody you know, would benefit from this service please share this post with them, and I would be delighted to hear from them.

While free tools like Grammarly have their uses they can be a touch on the comma-happy side. If you want that personal touch of having a person at the other end of the service, then there is no substitute for hiring an editor to double-check your business correspondence is top-notch before you send it out. 

Benefits include:

  • No upfront charges.
  • Work is itemised and invoiced monthly rather than per item. I will invoice for all the work submitted in a given month on a rolling account that is free for you to stop at any time. No contract charges will apply.
  • No set minimum amount of work is expected. If you only have one or two letters or emails for me to check per day then that is absolutely fine. Just email them to me and send me a text to let me know and I will get them back to you as soon as I can: usually within the hour depending on how busy I am.
  • All work is priced at a set rate per word for you so you will know exactly how much it will cost before you send it.

Service Ts & Cs

  • Invoices are issued on the first of each month and are due for payment by the end of the 15th.
  • The client acknowledges that by sending work they are agreeing to pay for work completed on time and in full.
  • Failure to pay on time will result in late payment fees of £10 per week and withdrawal of all services until the account is clear.
  • My working hours are between 9:30 am and 5 pm GMT Monday to Friday. Work sent for completion outside these times will be subject to a 50% increase.