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This is where I will check the fine details such as your spelling, punctuation and grammar, ensuring the correct use of words, and the consistency of your argument or storyline. You may have inadvertently deviated from the expected course, or become overwhelmed by the amount of information. Inconsistency in spelling will also be caught and picked up in sentence-level editing so you, the author, can be alerted and be able to promptly correct it in the next draft. I will make sure you can see all of these corrections.

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Copyediting includes checks for:

  • Grammar
  • Flow
  • Clarity
  • Concise sentences.
  • Adherence to house style: US/UK English, ise/ize, abbreviations etc. Please provide explicit instructions with regard to house style.
  • Consistency
  • Repeating phrases
  • Mixed metaphors, similes, and homophones
  • Dialogue flow,
  • Clichés
  • Detailed and properly presented feedback

Please allow at least 2 weeks for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript

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Fiction or non-fiction

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