Anna’s incredible. Her insightful and in-depth editing of my novel brought out its full potential, and then some. There’s no doubt in my mind that my novel would not be where it is without her!
Sarah Anderson | 26 Sept 2017


Anna was one of the most professional editors I ever had the pleasure of working with. She was very good about keeping in contact every step of the way. She really knows what she’s talking about and sees mistakes even other editors have missed. I’ll be able to deliver a much better product to my readers thanks to Anna’s wonderful insight.

E. A. Copen | 11 Nov 2016


Anna was more than helpful with her work. She not only helped me figure out where my story was weak but also gave me suggestions on ways to improve my writing!

Aug 22 2017

Warren Elsken


Anna recently did a content edit for me, and she did an excellent job in zooming in on the tiniest of details. She went above and beyond and presented me with both a concise chapter-by-chapter summary and an in-depth edit too.
Lynne Fellows | 11 Dec 2017


Thanks to Anna, I’ve been able to see my manuscript through fresh eyes. Her feedback has helped me put on the final polish.

Jun 8 2017

Nesa Miller


I am currently working with Anna on the line and copy editing of a client’s historical romance novel, which is set in the middle ages. Anna’s knowledge of the period has been stupendous. It means that between us we are managing not only to tidy and edit the prose, we are also ensuring that it is as historically accurate as it possibly can be.

October 2016

Steve Frost

Editor, SF Editing Services