Developmental edit (per word)

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Here I will look at how your writing comes together and advise you of trouble spots: inaccuracies, where the plot is lost or inconsistent; where there is an excess of description; where the characters are indistinct etc. At this stage, I will look at how sections might be re-ordered or improved so they fit together better and better represent the expectations of the reader.

Prices are per word and in line with EfA recommended rates.

Developmental editing includes checks for:

  • Story progression, plot holes, or inconsistencies
  • Story plot points and character arcs
  • Redundant or formulaic description
  • character development
  • Reader engagement
  • Pace and flow
  • Repeating phrases

Work is returned with

  • Detailed and properly presented feedback

Please allow between 1 and 4 weeks for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript. Prices are in line with Efa recommended rates.

Additional information


Cannot be applied to academic work for assessment or with the student discount coupon.

Fiction or non-fiction

Business and sales, Fiction, Non-Fiction


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