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The prices here offer an estimated range per service. Actual prices will depend on the word count and the level and urgency of service required. These rates are in line with the recommended minimum rates laid down by the SfEP.

Variable Rate Services

These prices offer an average rate only as I use a sliding scale. Prices in the Quick Booking Service are priced from the higher end of that range. Please feel free to contact me for an exact rate.

Service Average Price Range
Developmental Editing £0.0155 per word.
Proofreading £0.015 per word.
Copyediting £0.014 per word.
Stylistic Edit £0.014 per word.
Manuscript Critique £0.006 per word.
Editor's Appraisal £0.0124 per word.

Fixed Rates

Service Average Price Range
Sample Edits £20.00 (Refunded on final invoice if you take me on)
Time Block (8) £60.00 each
Time Block (6) £45.00 each
Time Block (4) £30.00 each
Outlining advice £20.00 per 1 hour session

Other Rates

I don't generally charge by the hour but I can if you would prefer. These are based on the SfEP recommended rates for these services.

Service Price Range
Reading and research assistance £15.00 per hour
Developmental Editing £28.50 per hour
Stylistic Edit £25.00 per hour
Copyediting £24.50 per hour
Proofreading £26.00 per hour
Editorial Assesment £17.00 per hour
Manuscript Critique £9.20 per hour

Fees and charges

Service Price Range
Late payment fee £10.00 per month.
Rescheduling fee £3.00 per day (Maximum £36.00).
See Terms and Conditions.

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