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Hi, I’m Anna from AnnaProofing and I help writers improve their craft.

Whether you have a 100,000 word novel in need of a structural edit, or promotional literature that needs polishing, I’m your woman.

By providing a wide variety of writing services including higher and lower level editing, as well as reading and research assistance, I provide an affordable means by which small businesses and other writers can provide a better end product.

Using this site.

Pricing Policy

My pricing policy can be found under ‘My Services’, along with descriptions of the services I offer.

My Prices
The prices listed are summarised. A quote will be issued per project, but I am working on a rate calculator.
Quick Booking Service
If you are in a hurry feel free to book my services via the website. If you already have a quote, please be sure to include the reference in your order.
Procedures, Terms and Conditions
Please be aware that submitting an order via the site, implies that you agree to these terms. Please be sure that you have read and understood these.