My Services

My services can be divided into four basic categories: higher-level, lower-level, critique and appraisal, and others. Information on each of them is provided below.

This service offers sample edits at a rate of £20.00 per sample per manuscript (1500 words).

Please feel free to include a style guide at this stage. I want you to be certain that I will treat your work with the utmost respect, and how better to do that than to prove it? I will also provide a frank and honest assessment as to the level of service I believe your work should undergo before publication.

The services I offer are all tailored to the exact needs of my clients. If you don’t see something that exactly fits your needs above, please contact me with your exact requirements and we can discuss a bespoke solution for your project.

Pricing policy

Pricing will depend on the level of work and the number of editing rounds required. I can give a rough estimate based on a brief but a more accurate price will depend on a number of factors. Please contact me to discuss this. My services are priced on a sliding scale based on the length of the document. So that you can see exactly what you are paying for, each stage of the process is quoted and invoiced separately.

The services listed below are a comprehensive selection of what I can offer. In every case, I will keep extensive notes on your style and the habits to look out for in order to give you the best possible advice at the end of the process. Remember, my aim is always to assist you in making your work as good as it can be before publishing.

This service does not offer essay writing, ghostwriting, or free services of any kind. Please do not ask.

Developmental Editing*

Here I will look at how your writing comes together and advise you of trouble spots: inaccuracies, where the plot is lost or inconsistent; where there is an excess of description; where the characters are indistinct etc. At this stage, I will look at how sections might be re-ordered or improved so they fit together better and better represent the expectations of the reader.

Developmental editing includes checks for:

  • Story progression, plot holes or inconsistencies
  • Story plot points and character arcs
  • Redundant or formulaic description
  • Reader engagement
  • Dialogue flow
  • Repeating phrases
  • Detailed and properly presented feedback

*Please allow at least 2 weeks for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript.

Paragraph Level / Stylistic Editing*

This stage resolves issues over the clarity and flow of your sentences. It could involve moving the sentences around to clear up your narrative but always aiming to preserve your voice in your work. If your sentences feel formulaic, with excess adjectives, the vocabulary is unsuitable for your audience (strong language, etc.), if you have used specialised jargon without clearly defining terms, or your transition between paragraphs is disjointed, it might be a good idea to request a stylistic edit.

*Please allow at least 2 weeks for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript.


In line with the New Hart’s Rules/Oxford Style Guide, copyediting deals with the technical preparation of your work.

  • Correcting or raising queries about word usage, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • Standardising the presentation of your work.
  • Ensuring that elements such as headings, quotations, captions, references, etc. are correctly tagged with XML.
  • Indicating where tables, illustrations, and figures should appear.
  • Crosschecking relationships between the various parts.
  • monitoring the factual integrity.
  • Alerting you to inappropriate cultural references could be considered defamatory, or contravenes copyright.
  • Detailed and properly presented feedback

*Please allow at least 2 weeks for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript.


This is the final stage of the editing process but certainly no less important than the other stages. This service is suitable only if the other levels have already been applied and other issues have been addressed and resolved. It’s the final spit and polish. Any remaining typing, spelling, and formatting problems will be highlighted and I will examine how your text presents itself in both hard and electronic formats. This is the final opportunity to catch any errors before your work is presented for publishing. I am familiar with BSI correction markup and have completed the first of two SfEP proofreading courses. If you would like to use this service please send me a sample of the work to be proofread, your contact details, and a briefing on the work to be carried out. If you do not have a briefing, please complete this form and email it back to me with your sample. This can be completed in Adobe Reader.

In the case of academic work, I will need some more information. Please complete this form and I will be in touch.

Proofreading includes checks for:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Illustrations and diagrams
  • Headings, captions, and footnotes
  • Adherence to house style: US/UK English, ise/ize, abbreviations, etc. Please provide explicit instructions with regard to house style.
  • Consistency
  • Transpositions
  • That Links function
  • Repeating phrases
  • Detailed and properly presented feedback.

This will get your finished manuscript ready for publication. For this, I will need to know which platform you intend to publish on and in which size and format (paperback or ebook).  This puts all the pieces together to give you your finished product. This covers:

  • Paragraph alignment
  • Page numbers.
  • Margins.
  • Illustrations, images, and captions.
  • Foot and endnotes
  • Cover page
  • Front and end matter
  • Line spacing

*Please allow at least a week for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript.


I know some might say “Beta-reading is free, why should I pay for this?”. This is fair enough. However, beta-reading from my service is more than just a cursory read-through and an Amazon type comment telling you what I liked and didn’t like. My service includes comments in the text as well as written feedback for issues including, but not limited to:

Beta-reading includes feedback on:**

  • Story progression, plot holes, or inconsistencies
  • Reader engagement
  • Dialogue flow
  • Detailed and properly presented feedback

I will also highlight and correct anything which might have previously been missed in your final proofread. I am of the view that no matter what stage your work is that it is my job to help you improve it where I can so that you can deliver a better product to your readers.

Please be sure that your work is ready for this service before booking. If you must cancel, I cannot guarantee I will be free to re-book when it is convenient. Rescheduling within ten days of the original commencement date is subject to a £3.00 per day fee.

*Please allow at least 2 weeks for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript.

**This service should not be used as a substitute for proper editing. Manuscripts submitted for beta reading should be as close to the finished product as possible. Manuscripts that are deemed unready for this service will be returned.

Editor’s Appraisal / Editor’s Perspective*

This service provides a more detailed insight into the developmental and structural issues identified in your whole manuscript than a Beta-Read. It also looks at stylistic problems in voice and tone, and the means by which to fix these problems. No changes are made to the document bar comments. Spelling and grammar are dealt with in Proofreading which is a separate service. If you would like both an Appraisal as well as other services, it is important that you ask for both in your enquiry.

Editor’s appraisal includes detailed and properly presented feedback on the following:

  • Story progression, plot holes or inconsistencies
  • Story plot points and character arcs
  • Redundant or formulaic description
  • Dialogue flow
  • Reader engagement
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Clarity
  • Advice and suggested plan of action

*Please allow at least a week for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript.

Virtual Assistance.

Do you need someone to take calls, make appointments, manage your diary, or chase invoices, on a regular basis to help you with your day-to-day responsibilities? Look no further. If this is a service you require, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.

Book my time by block!*

This service is geared toward small businesses and tidying up the tail ends of small projects**. It’s ideal if you have a number of small items that need looking over as it will save you the hassle of separate bookings each time, as well as money, What’s more, you’ll have my undivided attention for that entire time!

Blocks are available in 8, 6, and 4-hour time brackets but can only be booked as a single unit***. Normally this work would be done remotely, but if local and with enough notice, I would be willing to work on location****.

Outlining advice

Stuck on where to take your story? Let me have a look at your outline and I will offer advice on story arcs, plot direction, and character development. This service takes place over a scheduled Skype or Teams connection and they usually take place over an hour, so please make sure you are available at the pre-arranged time.

I am more than happy to help with reading and research for your book, at whatever stage of writing you are at. This work will be provided in a digital format with citations for your reference. I will provide comments, reading lists, article links, etc.