Procedures, Terms & Conditions

Service Procedures

Please allow ample time for discussion of your work. Your experience will be far better if sufficient time is taken to clarify your expectations.

  • If you would like to make an enquiry, please send me an email. Please be sure to include the following information, confirming that you have read and understood my procedures and Terms and Conditions:
    • Your contact details.
    • The length and nature of your document.
    • The service you wish to commission me for.
    • The deadline by which you would like the work completed.
    • If you would like a sample edit, please send a five-page (1250 words) sample of the work to be edited. Sample edits are GBP 20.00 each and will be refunded as a credit on the final invoice if you choose to accept the quotation. They can take a full day to complete depending on the service required. This service will appear on your quotation, as standard, and acceptance of the service by no means obligates you to take the process further. Please allow 24 hours for me to complete this service.
    • A written briefing detailing what you would like me to look for and the level of intervention required. If you do not have one, I can provide a form.
    • UK/AUS/US English?
  • Be sure to mention any offers or referral discounts at this point so I can apply them to the final quote. Students get 10% off as standard. If you have previously given me a successful referral, you get 5% off.
  • Once deadlines and pricing have been agreed, I will draw up a service agreement. This will be sent by email as a signature verified PDF. The Service I use for this is Docusign. This service allows you to electronically sign your own uploaded documents then download them back for free. The free account allows 3 free sends per month but it's easier to just download it and email it back to me as an attachment. To verify your own signature, you will need to open the signed PDF in Adobe Reader and save it before sending it back to me. Alternatively, there are the following options. Be sure to specify your preference before I send the document.
    • A signed PDF or Word Document will be sent to you for you to print the last page, scan it and email it back. Changes to the document will be disabled.
    • A signed PDF will be sent to you to open in Adobe and use the commenting or signing function to sign and return it to me via email attachment.
    • If you prefer to receive it as a hard copy, rather than in electronic format, please let me know.
  • Once signed, contracts are final binding and you will be liable for all costs agreed to. Please refer to grounds for termination of the service agreement.
  • Work will begin once the deposit has been received and all paperwork is in order.

Terms and Conditions


  • By submitting an enquiry, the author is confirming that they have read and understood the Procedures and the Terms and Conditions and the pricing of my services. All of my rates are in line with SfEP recommended minimum rates and are available from the main website.
  • Due to present demands on my time, I can no longer offer free samples as standard. These can take up to a full day to complete and as such are now priced at £20.00 GBP per sample. This will appear on the initial quotation and will be refunded on the final invoice should I win the project.
  • All quotations are valid for a total of one calendar month unless otherwise discussed.

Acceptance of Work

  • AnnaProofing reserves the right to decline work and cancel projects or negotiations should the expectations of the client prove to be unreasonable.
  • AnnaProofing takes no responsibility for any changes made by the client after the completion of the project. The author is aware that all changes are suggestions only. They are entirely free to accept or reject changes as they see fit.
  • Edited work will be returned in the format in which it was edited unless a house style-guide is specifically referred to in the briefing.
    • A Word or Word compatible document (.doc or .docx), with normal margins (2.57 cm), in a 12pt sans-serif font (I prefer Lucida for clarity), and double line spaced. All changes are tracked and you are under no obligation to accept suggested changes. The decision to reject changes does not affect your obligation to abide by the terms of the signed Service Agreement.
    • I do not edit PDFs


  • Payment of final invoices is due within ten working days of the completion of the project unless specifically negotiated otherwise (to allow for payroll dates).
  • If you would like to pay in instalments, this must be included within the initial enquiry so the Service Agreement can be completed accurately. Earlier payment is encouraged.

Instalment payment is subject to fulfilment of all the following conditions:

  • A proven track record of prompt payment. This will be in the form of either two references from other editors or a successfully completed contract with AnnaProofing.
  • The instalments will apply only to the balance after the deposit has been paid.
  • The maximum number of instalments is six.
  • Work for instalment payment will be divided into sections depending on the number of instalments agreed. Each section will begin when payment has been received. To facilitate this I have accounts with Timesheet and Producteev which will enable you to see how much time is being spent on each set and keep you abreast of progress.

Service Agreements and Deposits

  • Please do not send full documents before signing and returning the Service Agreement and paying the deposit. Submission of the full manuscript before completion of appropriate paperwork by no means obligates AnnaProofing to begin work in any form.
  • The quotation and Service Agreement documents are specific to one document. Other projects will have to be negotiated separately. All projects are priced individually depending on the work required.
  • Commissions of more than ten pages (2500 words) are subject to a deposit of 50% of the quoted price. This is payable once the service agreement has been signed and returned. Once the commission has been completed, the remainder of the payment will be due within 14 days of the invoice date and the commission has been completed. Small projects of ten or fewer pages (up to, but not exceeding 2500 words) are payable upfront and in full.
  • Clients understand that they have 10 working days, or up until 48 hours before the project commencement (Monday to Friday), from receiving the service agreement to sign it and return it. Refusal to sign the agreement will void any previous negotiations.
  • Payment of the deposit should come no later than 48 hours before the commencement of work. If the deposit remains unpaid for 10 working days after the return of the Service Agreement, the agreement will be voided.
  • Expired Service Agreements will not be revived. Negotiation will have to begin again from scratch. AnnaProofing reserves the right to decline renegotiation where appropriate.
  • Work will not begin unless both the signed Service Agreement and deposit has been received. The agreement will be marked void should the deposit remain unpaid for ten working days after and you will be charged the £3.00 per day rescheduling fee (£36.00 maximum).
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have paid deposits and signed and returned all relevant paperwork (including the manuscript) within 48 hours before the date of commencement. Rescheduling of projects, once the commencement date has passed, is at the discretion of AnnaProofing. Delays will be subject to a £3.00 per day rescheduling fee.
  • In the event of the following conditions, the fee will be waived.
    • Illness or injury requiring hospitalisation.
    • Bereavement due to death of an immediate family member (parent, child, spouse or sibling).
    • Natural disaster.


Payment methods.

  1. I accept Bank Transfers for which details are available on the first Quotation. I also accept PayPal.
  2. I do not accept personal cheques.
  3. By signing the Service Agreement, you are indicating that agree to abide by the full terms and conditions therein. Once signed, terms in the Service Agreement not negotiable
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