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The document template is all set up with a title page, an updatable table of contents (and bibliography page for those that want one), an ‘Also by the author’ page, and a teaser chapter for your next work.

Simply download the template and select your own fonts, theme and colour scheme paste your work, insert page breaks where you want them and fill in the details. The Bibliography and ToC are easily updatable, saving you time with page numbers (make sure you check these before sending it off) and

Additional information

Already set up

Title page,
Page numbers,
Page headings,
Also by the author,

You will need to

1. Select your own fonts, theme and colour scheme (this can be done very easily from the 'Design' tab in Word, but I would be happy to talk you through how.)

2. Enter your own author/title information.

3. Save as a Word docx. file to work in it (then as a PDF before sending your work off to KDP/Createspace or it does something weird to the pagination).


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