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Please do not send samples for editing through this page.

  1. *Please do not send full documents before signing and returning the Service Agreement and paying the deposit. Submission of the full manuscript before completion of appropriate paperwork by no means obligates AnnaProofing to begin work in any form.
  2. **Commissions of less than ten pages (>2500 words) are payable in full. Commissions of more than ten pages (2500 words) are subject to a deposit of 50% of the quoted price. Commissions of 100,000 words or more qualify for payment by instalment.
  3. ***All deposits are due at the time of booking.


For small projects (emails, marketing literature, essay proofreading etc) depending on my schedule. Please ask.

For large projects (over 50000 words) please book 3 months in advance to avoid disappointment.


Accepting commissions for 

  • Commencement prior to November.
  • Completion by December.

Will begin accepting commissions commencing in 2023 in November 2022.

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