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This is where I look at the stylistic choices you have made to the document as a whole. The fine details such as your spelling, punctuation and grammar, are dealt with at the copyediting stage or lower. You may have inadvertently deviated from the expected course, or become overwhelmed by the amount of information. will also be caught and picked up in sentence-level editing. preferred document format is a word document (.docx) and changes are tracked.

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This stage resolves issues over the clarity and flow of your sentences. It could involve moving the sentences around to clear up your narrative but always aims to preserve your voice in your work. If your sentences feel formulaic, with excess adjectives, the vocabulary is unsuitable for your audience (strong language etc.), if you have used specialised jargon without clearly defining terms, or your transition between paragraphs is disjointed, it might be a good idea to request a stylistic edit.


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