Editor’s appraisal (per word)

£ 0.012

This service provides a more detailed insight into the developmental and structural issues identified in your whole manuscript than a Beta-Read. It also looks at stylistic problems in voice and tone, and the means by which to fix these problems. No changes are made to the document bar comments. Spelling and grammar are dealt with in Proofreading which is a separate service. If you would like both an Appraisal as well as other services, it is important that you ask for both in your enquiry.

Editor’s appraisal includes detailed and properly presented feedback on the following:

  • Story progression, plot holes or inconsistencies
  • Story plot points and character arcs
  • Redundant or formulaic description
  • Dialogue flow
  • Reader engagement
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Clarity
  • Advice and suggested plan of action

Please allow at least a week for the completion of this service depending on the length of the manuscript.


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