Okay, make that four online courses.  Queue the statement “My name is Anna, and I am a study addict.” Why have I done this?  Simply put, to make me better equipped at helping the authors who come to me for my services. I digress.

Harry DeWulf has very generously given me a voucher to take his Read Worthy Fiction Course (and inadvertently enabled my addiction to self driven distance study). I’m currently listening to the audio files for the first two lessons and madly jotting down ideas for my first 500 words. In keeping with the theme of the course, I intend to publish my finished article but I am undecided about how.  I am considering an episodic approach to publishing. Right here on this blog.  I have (probably unwisely) decided to allow my readers have a say on this.

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I should probably go away now and consider what I have actually let myself in for…

Additional information.

  • Harry Dewulf can be found on Twitter @densewords.
  • The Read Worthy Fiction Course is available via Udemy.com and normally costs £95. I have placed a link to his website in the sidebar of my main website but you can find links to his courses here. I highly recommend his advice.